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PalmOS software

These programs are quite old now, but the software might still be useful .... Plenty of old Palm devices out there.

DotDash v1.0 for Palm Pilot:
DotDash is a morsetrainer for the Palm Pilot with features such as "Train Random Words", "Learn Alphabet", recognize random abbreviations, different speed settings, morse text as you write etc.. DotDash was $10 shareware, but it is now freeware. Never mind the nag screen, you don't have to pay..

PalmOS 2.0 required
Download DotDash for Palm Pilot (ca.10kb)
Download the sourcecode (keep in mind that it is old, and not very well cleaned up).

SimpleTron v 0.2:
SIMPLETRON is a simple, but quite powerful 'computer'. It runs programs written in the only language it directly understands, that is, Simpletron Machine Language. SimpleTron is freeware. Use it for what you like. It gives you a easy wa y of understanding simple machine code and how a simple computer works. Programs can be saved, edited, executed in SimpleTron as in any other computer.

Download SimpleTron v 0.2 (ca. 6 Kb)
Download the sourcecode (keep in mind that it is old, and not very well cleaned up).

PalmDOS v 0.7:
PalmDOS is a "DOS" shell for the palm computing platform. It supports a variety of commands such as mem,dir,del,ver,help,execute application,cls,exit,prefs,reset,autooff.

You can delete databases, list them out in many ways with "dir", start applications like in DOS, show memory status, version information, list and delete system prefs, set the autooff timer etc.

See online help for any command by entering "cmd" ? or "cmd" ??.
To enter any command you have to use the graffiti carriage return (slash), the keyboard carriage return does not work

Requires Palm OS 2.0
Download PalmDOS v 0.7 (ca. 8 Kb)
Download the sourcecode (keep in mind that it is old, and not very well cleaned up).

TuneMeIn v 1.0:
A simple Guitar tuner

Download TuneMeIn 1.0 (ca. 2 Kb)

PICBaud v 1.0:
A simple app that calculates the value for SPBRG in the Microchip PIC16cXX devices to get the desired SCI baudrate at the given osc illator frequency.

Download PICBaud 1.0 (ca. 2 Kb)

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